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Infrared Heater Based Heating Systems for Production Department No. 33, Izhorskie Zavody OJSC

It is known for a long time that "classic" heating systems in which boiler rooms and water radiators are used are ineffective for production facilities of large area especially if they have considerable height (usually more than 5–6 meters). It is purposeful to switch to direct-gain systems (infrared heating) for heating factory and industrial workshops of considerable height in conditions of modern technology development.

IR Heating System for "Eastern" aisle of production department No. 33 of Izhorskie Zavody OJSC was created in the scope of implementation of this project. This system allows ensuring surface temperature at the whole area of the aisle not lower than +5 °С and at specified sections (zones) not lower than +15 °С. The heating system of total power 2605 kW and with heated area 6606 km2 at building height 34 m was created.

At that the existing system of centralized water heating of the specified aisle was disconnected and dismounted.

The heating system based on gas infrared burners is the most economically advantageous as it allows performing zoned heating and reducing heating costs as a whole. In addition infrared heating burners only allow achieving preset temperatures in the existing shop features: large height and therefore volume, enclosing structures with low heat-protective properties, large area of glazing, outer gates without heat insulation etc.

31 infrared gas radiators are used to maintain indoor temperature not lower than +5 °С at the entire area at outside air temperature down to -26 °С.

13 infrared gas radiators are used to heat work zones with constant presence of personnel up to temperature not lower than +15 °С at outside air temperature down to -26 °С.

All instruments are mounted on walls in the room and connected to unified automatic zoned temperature control system. Therefore they are switched on for a time at temperature decrease below required value. The instruments mounting on walls does not hinder movement of the existing jibs.

Direct flow air heaters of power 75 kW are installed to isolate heat input from side wall of the aisle having full glazing. These air heaters are also activated in case of decrease of preset temperature (air heat curtain).

Specifications of the Infrared Heating System

of "Eastern" aisle of production department No. 33, Izhorskie Zavody OJSC

Length, m 207

Width, m______________________________________________________30

Crest height, m_________________________________________________34

Wall height, m_________________________________________________34

Total volume, m3__________________________________________211,140

Floor space (including welding area), m2_________________________6,498

Total zoned heating area, m2___________________________________1,692

Quantity of IRH АА 500 50 kW – 31 pcs.______________________1,550 kW

Quantity of IRH АА 350 50 kW – 13 pcs._______________________455 kW

Quantity of air heaters АХ 75 kW – 8 pcs._______________________600 kW

Total heat power, kW______________________________________2,605 kW

The long-term experience of the created IR Heating System operation has shown its high efficiency and usability. 

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