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Infrared Heater Based Heating Systems for Pskovelectrosvar CJSC Production Departments

The purpose of this project is development and construction of a decentralized heating system based on gas IR heaters for Pskovelectrosvar CJSC production building.

The heat supply system of the production building includes gas equipment including:

- external high-pressure pipeline;

- gas-distribution plant GRPSh of "Radon&Co" LLC factory;

- ADRIAN-RAD AА501 IR emission gas heaters;

- interplant medium pressure gas pipelines and blowoff gas pipelines;

Requirements for reliability and uninterrupted operation of the heating system as well as the facility efficiency were taken into account when designing the heat-supply system.

The following gas supply scheme is developed according to the above conditions: Designed external pipeline DN 100 PU 0.6 MPa. Gas is fed to the designed gas-distribution plant GRPSh where pressure is reduced to Р = 0.3 MPa and then gas is supplied via gas pipeline to the production building via a header to IR heating radiators ADRIAN- RAD of heating power 50 kW each.

Gas pipeline diameters are determined under conditions of construction of the most efficient and reliable operation of the gas supply system providing stability of heat supplying units operation.

Air pollution control system consisting of the following components is installed in the production building to provide explosion safety at operation of the gas heating system:

- a system consisting of СН4 and СО air pollution sensors installed in each aisle;

- a set of "Hobbit –Т-СН4-СО" Stationary Methane Gas Analyzer.

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